Jan 25, 2010

lights out!

I was home alone today and wanted to watch a movie, so I was watching The Lovely Bones, after 15 minutes into the movie (around 11:20ish am) the power went out in my house... it freaked me out at first, but then the power came back on and the alarm went off o - o. I tried to calm down but my heart was beating like crazy!! Then after a few minutes of watching tv the power went off again... it was starting to annoy me. I waited in the dark then all I hear is random knocking at my door, it was like someone was trying to get in T - T. Like I've always been told "don't check who it is" unless someone's at home so that scared me even more. I tried to sleep but my heartbeat was all i could hear... that and the sound of clocks ticking in my house. around 12:30 the power came back on... for sure and then my dad came home... at 1:00, pretty freaky to start off the day but I guess I am ok now, heart's still beating quickly though.

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