Mar 21, 2010

homework day

ok so today i decided that it was going to be a homework day... lol only cause i was procrastinating throughout the march break, well it's my own fault but i guess i don't mind it. so for design i had to paint this picture (1st pic.) and i made some changes as you can see. for some reason i always tend to make a person skinnier than they are, but i used the picture as a reference. as for painting, i used gouache paints by reeves. i've never worked with them before and it's hard to make certain colours but overall it turned out good (Y). mmm as for other homework, i have to review for math, start my religion, work on anthro., and uhmm practice for music :P lol well i guess that's all for today, march break was pretty fun but i just wish i got to hang out more wiht my friends and not stress about homework > . o 

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