Mar 24, 2010

shoes anyone?

so for our design class we had the choice to either make/design a hat or a shoe, i knew that a making a shoe was going to be harder than making a hat but i own more shoes than hats, so i went with shoes. it was hard trying to find a shoe and for a reasonable price but then i finally found these ankle boots from payless, i am in love with these shoes but too bad i had to use them for this project > - < . so i went with an alice in wonderland theme; with the cards, bows and ribbons. the final product itself was better than i thought, i really like them.. before and after :P. so our teacher wants us to enter this competition, Design Exchange, and the prizes are $250 (1st place), $200 (2nd place) and $150 (3rd place)... i don't really know if i'll win but i hope so (Y) enjoy the pics :D

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