Jun 7, 2010

i hate procrastinating..!!!

(Polaroid OneStep CloseUp Camera)

i honestly hate procrastinating but i do it anyways, it's like when someone throws something at you and the first thing you do is protect yourself, it's a reflex and procrastinating is somewhat a reflex for me. i don't even know if that makes sense. jshgfgttrok gosh i hate it so much, it's the reason why i stay up so late on sunday night, not that i want to. i also hate the fact that i waste my saturday doing nothing, when i could be doing my hwrk.. instead i am paying for it now, still being awake that is and trying to finish my homework. well what i have to do for hwrk is finish drawing/shading in a picture i drew (polaroid camera) and it is taking me forever! well there goes my sleep T - T

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