Nov 4, 2010


oh wow its 12:00... lol i really should be sleeping right now but i'm not. i'm actually talking to a friend who i haven't talked to in a while =] and i was just emailing people though i'm sure they won't get it till tomorrow, which sucks for me. also it's my friend's birthday today, Happy Birthday Cathleen ily.. well its really the 5th right now but her birthday was a few minutes ago but just wanted to say it in this post :P. hmmm i don't know how people write like paragraphs in their blog, the most i've written was... i think it was a paragraph size. ehh oh well. oh yeah i have a photo shoot with my friend Yvette tomorrow, she wants me to bring all of my sewing stuff and i have a lot lol. but i know for sure that it's going to be fun and the end result will be amazing :D all i need to do now is figure what i'm going to wear for the shoot.... all i can think of is: black skinny jeans, white v-neck shirt, black suspenders, purple sneakers, a headband and that's about it, but i hope it looks good or else i'll be up in the morning deciding what to wear. aww man i'm kinda hungry but not really tired.. 

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