Nov 25, 2010

a day late

*i was originally suppose to post this yesterday but my internet froze and it was 12am so i just turned off my laptop and went to sleep, and that's why i'm posting it today (Y)*

i think this is the first (and only) time that i've done a full outfit post... lol well there it is. and my boots :) so pretty, the tie at the back and they can be rolled up or down as shown in the last 2 pictures :D and remember when i said i did major shopping and got some necklaces.. well that's one of the three, this one is from aldo accessories and cost about $8 i love the necklace, the colours, the bow, beads and little charms. so it was pretty cold today and even though my outfit doesn't look very warm it was. i was wearing shorts over stockings, leggings and socks with the boots then a tank top, cardigan, long hoodie, blazer and scarf. stylish and warm (Y). anyways so about the university application presentation... it was ok but when i went home and actually filled out the info and applied i was like o - o crap. but i'll just have to be ok with whatever the outcome is even if i don't like it. gahhh its scary


  1. You're a follower? Whaaat? I don't see you on my list. :O

    The Eaton Centre is so busy around this time of year! I hate how crowded it gets. Pmall has a lot of counterfeit items. LOL I'm scared. :P I do enjoy browsing the "Asian fashion" stores. There is always something cute & pretty to buy. ^_^

  2. Great boots! Love that you can wear it long or short, it's like two boots in one! Thanks for visiting my blog girlie ;)


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