Dec 12, 2010

last week of school :D

ahah the last picture is my "what?" expression. anyways starting tomorrow, it will officially be the last week of school until Christmas break. yay i am soo happy but at the same time there's a lot of things i have to do before i can relax. uhmm i have a bunch of photoshoots to do this week and clothes to make... its very frustrating. what else, i think i have a music test on tuesday and probably a math test sometime during the week... ughh. oh yeah and the last day of school is usually a half day, meaning the classes are only 30mins long and we finish school at 12.. i'm looking forward to that. also one of my teachers is retiring and i've had him since grade 9, he's my music teacher and he really is the best. i hope everything goes well for him and i really wish him the best of luck (Y). oh yeahh there are also presents that i have to make/buy for people since it is Christmas time... hmm i got a new jacket yesterday and a pair of boots.. i got the jacket for $20, its black and double breasted and the boots were technically $30, also black and almost knee high. ahah i will take a picture of those 2 some other time, but for now i have to get back to work...


  1. Hi Betty! Love your cardigan :D You look so cozy : ) I wish you all the best in school.

    The next PFC has been announced here. You just need to sign up to take part and remember to schedule your post for that date and time! : )

  2. I agree, cute cardigan! I love the scarf as well =) You make your own clothes?? How cool!


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