Dec 30, 2010

so late on posts

oh man chrsitmas break is going by really fast and school is next week!!! D:
ahhh i have so much homework to do and i can't believe (well actually i can) that i procrastinated.... sad times. argg, ok well time to explain my pictures above. the first and second picture are of hair clips that i made. the first one kind of looked like a little hat to me but it turned out to be nice. and the second picture are bow hair clips, they're different sizes lol not that you can really tell from the picture. i made these hair clips for my Yvette, as a secret santa present. she loves bows and i though it'd be the perfect gift plus its hand made :D. and since i was giving it to her as a gift, i decided to take some pictures with them :P. in the last picture i'm wearing a charcoal grey bow headband, which i got from forever 21... it only cost $1.50 (Y) they have such cute headbands there. ahah i should do a post showing all the headbands i own... i'm not sure how many i have but i'm still collecting :) also i have some outfit posts that i want to put up.. but i think i'll do that on another day. hmm i wanted to say Merry Christmas on Christmas day or at least Christmas Eve but i was way too busy with parties and family gatherings and omg boxing day was soo crowded T - T i was lucky to even find a parking spot lol. mmm tomorrow is New Year's Eve, i can't believe 2010 is ending and 2011 is coming... this year really has been amazing and i can't wait for the new year :D for sure i will make a post either tomorrow at 12 or on New Years day ^^ ahah whoops one last reminder uhmm Urban Planet is having a"buy one get the second for $1" sale on New Years day.. i can't believe they're open but i can't wait to go either :D happy holidays everyone

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  1. So crafty! Love the bows even if they're not identical! haha Happy New Year Betty!


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