Jan 21, 2011


finished with exams :D the math exam was ok i guess, i finished early but when i looked over it, i found so many mistakes @ - @ good thing i double checked (Y) mm also i spent the whole morning at school studying.. from 8:00-11:45... so much time, then the exam started at 12. i was soo nervous and scared to do it, cause i don't want to fail and then my mark will drop... ughh i hope i did well. anyways i woke up kinda late this morning lol and i forgot to wake up my brother. i rushed to get to school so i just clipped up my bangs and tied my hair in a bun ^^ oh yeah i have yet to post a picture of my front bangs... they still look kinda funny to me, and i am soo overdue for an outfit post... hopefully one will be coming soon and tomorrow my cousin is taking my family out for dinner so i can't wait :D yummy  

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