Jan 25, 2011

happy 1 year!! :D

                   (before ^ and after v cleaning my closet ^^)

                (^ mountain of bags)

                  (^ i love this mirror)  

i can't believe its already been 1 year since i made my blog. i was initially suppose to post something yesterday since the 24th was the actual day but i was too busy cleaning my new room :D. yes new room. my sister and i share a room together and our old room was getting too small for us so we swapped rooms with our parents. i think i already mentioned this in my last post... oh well.. anyways our room isn't fully clean, there is still random junk/stuff lying around in the room and our 'collection' of hand bags and purses lol. oh yeah i'll also be showing a picture of my bangs... lol still getting use to them :P and lately i've been doing quite a lot of sewing, or more like alterations for clothes. what else... uhh oh yeah all these pictures were taken with my new phone, which i still have to show... not that i ever showed a picture of my old phone lol. some of the pictures are a bit blurry @ - @ and the camera has 5 mega pixels, not too bad. oo one more thing, i almost forgot to post the PFC for this month.. the deadline is 8pm tonight.. and for those of you who don't know what PFC is, its technically an outfit challenge for petite bloggers. the topics may include outfits for specific occasions, budgets, or outfits involving specific garments or interesting themes. ok well i think this post is finished :)
happy birthday w r a p p e d . u p;

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