Jan 7, 2011

hard work does pay off

ok so for a few weeks i've been making 2 new pieces of clothing... a shirt and shorts. they're not your ordinary pair of shorts or shirt, uhmm the shirt has a tie at the front, which can be tied at the front or back and the sleeves are puffy :D lol. the shorts are somewhat high waisted and just plain black, though i have enough of black shorts lol. the original length of the shirt was the length in the first photo but i had to make the length equal throughout the shirt so i had to cut some off but eventually when i got the right length, it was a bit shorter than i wanted. but overall i'm very proud of myself for making these two, i was honestly going to give up but i didn't and i'm glad i didn't lol. the 2nd and 3rd picture is the finished product, while in the 1st i was still in the process of sewing it ahah. hmmm exams for me are starting next week, crap T - T... but my last exam is on the 21st which is on the first day of the actual exam week (Y), meaning for the week after that i have no school :D awesome!! but on the other side of things, i gotta study my butt off, ughh so many tests and exams. well 2nd semester will start in february, can't wait for that :D

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