Jan 20, 2011

i need more sleep

this whole week i've been lacking sleep.. and since its exam week i kinda need the sleep. grrr!! so i did my math exam review again just to see if i know the material and there's a few stuff i don't know how to do... graphs, trig identities, inequalities .. ughh too many. i don't think i'm ready for the exam, i mean i have the whole morning to study then the it starts at 12 so i'll be at school earlier. oh yeah i'm also sick... i have a sore throat and a cough... it hurts so much to cough but i have to T - T but i get a whole week till the 1st to catch up on whatever since i get the week off (Y) yay :D

ok well back to reviewing, maybe i'll post tomorrow about how the exam went :P 

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