Jan 31, 2011

school tomorrow

                           (^ nokia, flipped open, side view)
                        (^ nokia, flipped open, front view)
                       (^ nokia, closed)
                       (^ samsung double flip, U740)

i've been sick for about 3 weeks now... and to be honest it sucks and what's worse is that its been off and on.. grr. anyways tomorrow is school, and the 2nd semester begins. i have english, design, spare, music/philosophy.. not in that order but something like that i hope :P anyways i've been meaning to post up pics of my new phone which i got in mid december. my old phone was a samsung double flip U740. i know the picture above isn't the best picture but that was the only one i had of it and i didn't want to take a picture just for this post (also its the last pic.) i love how small and compact it is and of course the fact that it flips two different ways (Y) it amazed me. and now i have a nokia N97, which flips out with a QWERTY keyboard and had a touch screen. i also love this phone maybe a bit more than my other one ^^ but its a lot heavier than the samsung and bigger, but i've gotten use to it and i don't think i can live without my phone.. which i quite sad to hear but ughh its true. ohh i'm also waiting to see if i get accepted to college for fashion design (Y) its nerve wracking.... 


  1. hey there(: just found your blog! really fun and really cute(:



  2. Can I just say I LOVE your header haha, so creative! And wow nice phone, I have a HTC desire and I love it! but would be useful having a keyboard. Hope you get accepted into the college you want! =D

  3. Hi, I just started a blog and it mostly deals with outfits, my ideas & thoughts!

    If have time please make a short stop & check it out !

  4. i was reading another blog and looking at their followers and found you through that blog... i dont remember which one though. but yea(:


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