Jan 13, 2011

short on time

ohh man so tomorrow is my part 2 for my photography exam, part 1 was today and i found it quite easy but i lost 1 mark for leaving an answer blank T - T part 2 is the multiple choice, long/short answer and i only started studying today... i hope tomorrow goes well. ooh on sunday i cut my bangs :P they're not to the side anymore, they're front bangs or as some may call them straight bangs. aha i was like.. i feel like cutting my bangs and they were pretty long so why not? at first i kinda hated them but now they've grown on me.. aha get it? lame pun, not sure if it even made sense. anyways i'll put up a picture when i'm less busy and not studying for exams. uhhh there was something else i was suppose to say/write but i forgot... ok well that train of thought is totally lost now. the whole of next week i'll be studying for my math exam which is on the 21st, and its my last exam so yay for me! :D then i get the week off till the 1st of feburary... yay for sleeping in, reading manga and catching up on drama and blog posts ^^ that's what i'll be up to for that week .. ok well back to studying for me (Y)

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  1. Good luck with your photography exames! Do your best!
    I also cut my own bangs really. x~


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