Feb 14, 2011

2-in-1 post

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, and I know there are people out there who can care less about this day, but its nice to see people happy.

Anyways on Saturday, I went out with my sister and dad and I got ankle boots for $20 :O. Urban Planet was having a sale for boots, $15, $20 & $25 boots. Amazing prices. And so I just had to get a pair, plus they were cheap. And the first 2 pictures were my outfit for the day. My black jacket, a plaid shirt with a brown belt, a purple scarf with skulls on it, leggings, leg warmers and my boots :P Ooh the plaid shirt was my dad's but he doesn't wear it anymore so now I have it, and even though its over sized, its nice to wear it with a belt or just leave it as it is. 

Onto today, so yes today is Valentine's Day and I usually don't curl my hair but I did, just for fun. I curled it last night, [and it took forever] slept on it and re-curled some in the morning. I don't use hairspray on my hair cause the smell makes me dizzy and it gets hard after. So I just combed it and put a headband in it, nothing special. And we were able to wear either a pink or red shirt, obviously I wore red and the shirt suits the day :P Ooh and I also tried to take a picture of the back of my hair [somewhat fail], cause I had a feeling that some pieces of hair were still straight, but turns out it was curled. I also went home early today, cause I had spare last period and I wanted to start on my philosophy paper, its 700-800 words and I'm only at 200 @ - @, long way to go. Anyways I should get back to it :/

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