Feb 2, 2011

awesome (Y)

                        (from my bedroom window, so much snow)
                                        (frozen snowflakes)
                                         (frozen snowflakes)
                                (water droplets on my window)

awesome, today is a snow day :D meaning i stayed home from school but i had to shovel my driveway... lol on the other hand i played (board) games with my family since my sister's university was also closed and well my brother and i go to the same school. we played snakes and ladders, (lol classic game), chinese checkers (which i learned how to play today), poker (i lost to my dad T - T), mahjong, and a whole bunch of card games... it was fun ^^ and for lunch we had burgers, fries and chicken nuggets... we ran out of mayonnaise so we tried to make our own... lol that's right home made mayonnaise, trust me it wasn't easy and it somewhat failed but it tasted ok in the end :P
so yesterday i was in room and it was like 9pm, i was kinda bored and just played around with my make-up. and i usually don't wear make up, so the first 3 pics of me are with make-up and the last 2 is me without. i was wearing eyeshadow, trying to go for a subtle smokey look lol don't know if it worked out but you know trying will get you somewhere (Y)
oh yeah and i find when i wear make-up i don't like to wear my glasses, i feel like it hides the look you're trying to create. but too bad i have to cause i don't own contacts.
anyways tomorrow is Chinese New Year :D i'll try to wear some kind of red, though my school has uniform and i'll do a post tomorrow for sure :)

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