Feb 25, 2011

weird weather

Last week the weather was so nice, like it was actually sunny (and hot) outside, I was able to wear shorts with leggings and my blazer and now I'm back to my winter coat and my knit scarf (last picture). It was so nice, and then all of a sudden in the beginning of the week its like -10 degrees.. seriously?! Ughh I hate that the weather keeps changing I'm never prepared for it @ - @ So today we had our English test, and to be honest it was hard. Everything was so specific and the matching part was also had some stuff we haven't learned yet. I failed that but I have to make up for it on Monday, which is our part 2 written portion in essay format. So I have to make notes for that sometime tomorrow. I also had to take my grad picture today. It was ok, but you know how sometimes the photographer positions you, or tilts your head a certain way and they tell you to hold still for a second? Well its hard doing that and feeling awkward/uncomfortable because you're not use to sitting like that. Oh well, I hope they turned out fine though. And I kept looking at the mirror, seeing if my make-up was still intact. When I got home I kinda cleaned up a bit in my room lol and I was looking at all my nail polish. I found 4 that were (almost) dried up, its so sad :( they were pretty colours too. After looking at all of them, I decided to paint my nails, the colour is a purple/magenta/violet colour. I would call it Electric Wave lol but its really called Lady Minx, and its from MAC. Whenever I paint my nails, I always tend to screw up one nail or accidentally scratch it against something. And it sucks that my nail polish remover is almost finished. There's literally like 1-2 mL left o - O Anyways tomorrow I'm going to out for my friend's birthday, its going to be fun =] ok well back to whatever I was doing... which was what again?

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  1. Foxy nail colour!

    Yes, doing nails is really a frustrating process. I always end up with either bed sheet marks or a random scratch on one of the fingers.


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