Mar 16, 2011

sickness takes over

                               (Estee Lauder- Cherry Fizz)

Ok so I am totally sick.. *sniff*sniff* I have a cold, and how I got it.. I have no idea. I think it's been 2 day already.. ughh I don't like being sick, not that anyone else does. Anyways I'm trying to dedicate my March Break to homework, blogging and some free time in between. So far it's been homework, homework and homework and I woke up around 10ish each day, except for that one day where I slept in till 12 :P But I would say that its been productive, though there's so much more that I want to do T - T So on Saturday I went out for my friend's brother's birthday, and I usually don't wear make-up but I went heavy on the eyeliner... lol and being the poser that I am, I took pictures and then upped the contrast and colour levels and there you go a flawless picture that looks nothing like the original... @ - @ but I kinda like both versions. And yesterday I painted my nails, I usually don't go for the whole pink nails but this is a nice colour so I decided to try it out. It looks pretty good though (Y) but when I woke up 3 of my nails were scratched up... I have no clue how it happened though :/ Good thing I took a picture of them before they got scratched. Ooh the weather has also been looking better and feeling better, today its sunny and not so cold.. though in the morning it was raining aha I feel spring just around the corner..

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  1. Take care of yourself!

    ouuuu I've never tried EL nail polish before. It's got such an interesting sheen.


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