Mar 10, 2011


The weather is still icky. It was raining today and the roads and sidewalks are all filled with slush and gigantic puddles. I hate having to avoid big puddles, it's like an obstacle course and the goal is getting home. It was pretty windy and I was wearing my skirt while walking home. My feet were freezing and my boots got soaked. I also had a lot of stuff to carry home today, that's the disadvantage of being an art student, no matter what you'll always be carrying something. Gahh. Oh and lol the third picture is not a stalker picture or anything, it's my brother... he was walking so fast T - T ahah but he was helping me carry one of my projects for design :) Yay March Break is coming almost here! Time to sew, draw, work on my scholarships, apply for jobs, practice driving, try to get photoshop, catch up on manga/jdramas and etc. :P well back to design homework, which I have to draw illustrations and such ^^

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