Mar 11, 2011

so much can happen in one day

                              (pictures courtesy of Google images)

I can't believe that an earthquake hit Japan thus causing a tsunami. It's really devastating and sad that a lot has happened. I heard about this in the morning from my dad, and then I was watching the news on tv and at school. Its really sad watching footage of the real thing actually happening. Things like this can happen anytime and in just a few hours a lot has been wiped out. I am praying to God that loved ones, family members and friends are safe. I've been updated with this by the news, blogs, videos from youtube and this tumblr -- Fuck Yeah Japanese And just think, google is already filled with pictures and news of the tsunami. Please help out in any way and pray for Japan. One person can make a difference but imagine what the world can do. 

much love to Japan;


  1. I've been good, just dealing with the last few weeks of school before exams. : ) How are you?? What's happening in Japan right now is so terrible..every time I turn on the news, I get so emotional from the images they show. I feel so useless all the way on the other side of the world. All we can do right now is donate and spread the word.

  2. The disaster is quite devastating and heartbreaking. It's a sad reminder that we don't have control of what will happen next and life can change so quickly! I hope that everything will turn out ok for those in Japan and the nearby countries. =)


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