Mar 9, 2011

when will it be spring?!?

Guess how the weather was today? crappy :] and why you may ask.. well it snowed! Ahhh seriously the weather is whack... one day its sunny and the next day its freaking snowing T - T It's March and we have this kind of weather, really weird. And next week is March break, if the weather keeps up then I'll be spending it shoveling, yippee... anyways this week has been quite hectic so far. But I can't wait till March break :D 

Omg so I just finished shoveling my driveway, the snow was really heavy plus it's raining and snowing... gosh, and I was wearing so many unnecessary layers of hoodies lol :P I was actually getting hot while shoveling. And when I finished shoveling I went inside and my glasses fogged up ahah I find it funny when that happens. Yeah well today's outfit... well its technically what I'm wearing right now since I wear uniform at school. Yep good old sweatpants, tank, and cardigan (Y)

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  1. omg Betty! Haven't talked to you in a while : ) There's a new PFC, if you didn't already know.

    xx The Little Dust Princess


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