Apr 5, 2011


^ First of all, no I did not cut my hair ^^ that is what I would look like if I did cut my hair that short, can you believe that the rest of it is covered by my scarf? yeah I was surprised too :P I think if I had short hair, it'd take a while to get use to since I've had long hair for quite some time... though when summer comes along my mom will tell me to cut it again. Anyways I've been wanting to make a new header/banner for my blog, this one has been up since the beginning. But who knows when I have the time o - o 

Life right now is okay, I mean gotta maintain that 80%+ average and keep working at things... oh man prom... I'm going to be making my dress ^^ super excited and not sure of the colour yet, debating on red or blue... but it's going to be a halter bubble dress :)

ahh ok well got a music test tomorrow and dad's birthday on Friday :D 

till then...

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