Apr 16, 2011

go green

So today a bunch of us and our teacher [12 to be exact] attended the 5th Annual Green Living Show. It was pretty fun but the travel time to get there was like an hour and a half, and getting back was like 2 hours o - o but it was pretty worth it, and I got in for free for bringing in 1 piece of electronic waste, courtesy of Samsung, they recycled the goods. Yeah we spent like 3-4 hours there? I think it was that much time. After trying so many free samples of food we kinda got tired of walking around and stuff. But really it was worth it, and as usual I collected/gathered a lot of business cards and pamphlets [2nd and 3rd picture from the bottom] and got some free samples of shampoo and hand cream from The Body Shop, and I got a free David Suzuki button (Y). And the ticket for the show was so cute and small, they called it an E-Waste ticket [2nd picture].. very clever :D and omg there was this one booth that had organic yogurt and the flavours were lemon and coffee, of course I got the coffee and let me tell you it was amazing... I would've gotten seconds but I didn't want to be greedy, but it was really good. It was one of those bottom cups, where the flavour is at the bottom and the yogurt is at the top and you have to mix it, though I know people who just eat the top then bottom. And lots of free samples of cheese :D and lots of organic fruits and veggies. There was also this one exhibit for cars.. but not just any cars, hybrid cars (Y) I sat in a lot of them :P I just wish I took more pictures @ - @ the battery for my camera died before I could take a picture.. I forgot to charge it but I took some with my phone :) 

well just watching some movies that are on tv, was watching The Day After Tomorrow and now Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and just found out that Music and Lyrics is on as well.. anyways that's it for today, fun day ^^


  1. do you remember what was the yogurt's brand? I love it too!!!

  2. noo i don't remember, all i thought of was how good it tasted.. sorry > - <


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