Apr 14, 2011


*none of these photos are mine, they belong to www.modcloth.com*

All of these are from ModCloth, they have a combination of vintage and retro indie clothing. This week has been pretty busy for me so looking at their stuff makes me feel a bit better. And I need a new wallet, mine is breaking Q - Q the wallets above are soo adorable and cute :D and I have robot earrings which I got as a birthday present from Cathleen ^^ When summer comes around I want more hats, like the one above... anything with a bow on it technically makes me happy :P and I love the colour wheel necklace. 

Yeah so today I had and English test and tomorrow I have another English test, and I'm pretty sure I failed today's test, left some questions blank T - T i just hope tomorrow goes better.. than the weekend (Y) going to the Green Living Show [Direct Energy Center/CNE] with a bunch of friends. It's going to be super amazing haha. 

Okay well should get through the day tomorrow, gahh English o - o

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  1. omg I love the hat with the bow! It's so adorable! Looks like I need to check out Modcloth!


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