Apr 24, 2011

long weekend

Happy Easter Everyone :D

Because of the Easter Weekend we get a 4 day long weekend (Y) and I've spent it doing my design assignment. We have to make a house or building that's 'green' lol meaning solar panels, plants and lots of windows. And 95% of it is made out of white foam board, I want a pool in the backyard lol... it's taking the whole week to finish but it's looking good now. And I find it so cute that both my mom and dad are helping me with this assignment ^^ they're amazing. And I'll take pictures of it when it's completed ^^ and eww the picture above is so dull @ - @ I was too lazy to up the brightness on it. I painted those using water colour pencil crayons, which totally work :) I couldn't find a picture that was mine related to Easter, so fruits will have to do for now :P and the weather has been feeling more Spring-like and is gradually getting warmer (Y) 

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day finishing this house and working on my [crapload of] English... so much to do and I just had to procrastinate T - T and maybe I'll throw in some time with my sewing machine and college stuff. 

Ahh I wanted to do an outfit post today but I didn't take pictures of my outfit @ - @ *sighs* things don't go the way I plan it...

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