May 1, 2011

it's over with

Last week was probably one of the busiest weeks for me this semester. It was Arts Week, and seeing as I'm an Art Student there was a lot to prepare for. Each day I had to stay after school to do something, and the timing ranged from 5-10. It was really tiring and exhausting and on the long weekend I was working on my architecture for design class. And as you can see above that is my house, the design is 100% mine and the labor was 99% me. Haha I was very happy with the result and the work I put into it. But there are some little details that could have been done better. And omg those stairs took forever to finish and what sucks is that they're not even equal @ - @ oh by the way the 2nd picture is the back view adn the 3rd picture is the front view (Y). My original design was to have a pool in the back yard but as you can see there was no room for that after the stairs were put in. And Arts Night at my school was on Thursday, I had to stay after school till 10. I had to help my teacher set up many things, set up the sewing machine and help put things away when the show was over. A lot of work was put into it and it was a success, too bad we didn't have the annual Fashion Show. And I absolutely love the last picture... not because it's a picture of me but because of the quality of the picture. Yvette took it with her camera and used a friend's portraiture lens, and I just happened to be smiling :) looks nice though. Oh yeah I was also suppose to do a PFC post but I wasn't able to get home until 10 and was at school the whole day, I was really looking forward to doing the challenge too, I feel bad for signing up and then not participating in it T - T

Anyways as usual I've got a lot of English homework to do so I better get to it :D just 2 more months then I'm done high school.. summer is coming too, can't wait

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  1. Yes, I was gonna say, those stairs look like they were a lot of work!! Excellent job. I don't know much about architecture, but at least from what I can tell, it's a pretty building!!

    Enjoy your last months of high school.. they were probably my best years (and worst, but I don't remember those)


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