May 8, 2011

a week is not enough

First off, Happy Mother's Day ^^

So this week is another long weekend cause tomorrow is a PA day for us. So on Saturday my friend Jaclyne and I went to TCAF which is short for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, it was held at the Toronto Reference Library, which may I say is huge [5 floors] *gasp* it was a lot of fun and again free stuff (Y) It was my first time going to TCAF and I hope to go again next year. There were many authors there that I didn't know of.. actually I don't think I knew any, but I was there for Jaclyne, she had a lot of fun though :) I did get a little caricature drawn by Steve Manale haha the last 2 pictures are him.. he didn't know he was getting photographed lol stalker pictures ftw.. just joking :P What attracted me to his little podium was the sign which isn't very legible in the last picture.. but it says: LOW-COST
haha when he handed the picture to me, he was like 'I don't think it looks like you, maybe if you had a sister but that's what you get for a low-quality character' and it was funny cause I do have a sister hehe. It somewhat looks like me and I forgot to take a picture of it D: another time then. Ooh yeah and the shirt was $10, it was a good memorabilia of the festival.. it was either that or a bag, but I thought I would use the shirt more. And finally an outfit post, it's been a while :P the weather on that day was very nice, it was sunny and not too windy.. was 16 degrees :D nice weather for May. Oh and there was a panel that Pendleton Ward was at but when we went there it was way too crowded and everyone in front of us was a lot taller so we couldn't see him.. or hear him @ - @ so we left.. sad times. Pendleton Ward is the creator of Adventure Time, which I think is such an adorable show :P and we wanted to go to a signing as well but it had a long line up and the room that it was held in apparently filled its maximum capacity so one of the volunteers told us to come back in an hour, we didn't though. 

Anyways, I [again] have a lot of English homework and next week is a short week.. and Friday the 13th is Prom for us.. oh gosh.. it's going to be a long week though it's short T - T and I have an English presentation on the 13th... u - u

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  1. luck u to have been able to go TCAF. sounds like such a wonderful event and opportunity to attend.


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