Jun 23, 2011

and i can't believe its over

Yay it's about time I changed my layout and header.. haha like? and long overdue pictures of my haircut :P

Oh man it's really over now, exams are done and Graduation is next week... I don't know what to say. High school was fun and it was 4 years of my life I won't get back :/ but it was memorable. I remember the laughs and jokes, the fun times and the other times where I just wish school was finished. And now that it is, it doesn't feel any different... I mean next year all I'll be doing is fashion and sewing, which I love but it'll be different, not seeing the regular people I see everyday or just the random funny moments that make my day :) Well life goes on and good things are ahead ^^

Until Grad, I'll be super busy and Happy [super late] Father's Day :D

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  1. seu blog ta lindo!!

    amei seguindo kja!

    olha o meu




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