Jul 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!

Oh man, I've missed 2 days of posting D: 

Ok so I'm officially done high school yay, my Graduation was 2 days ago and of course I was just too lazy to do any blogging... so we had breakfast that morning at school, and then the last Mass of the year with the graduating class and finally rehearsal for the celebration itself and for band haha my last time playing with the grade 12's and holding that clarinet, which I've been playing for 4 years :) The first few pictures are my outfit post for the morning, it kind of looks like my birthday outfit that I wore last year but just a few changes to make it look more summer-y. And it was a bit cold/windy in he morning so I wore the blazer on top. As for the celebration itself, that started around 6.. I was so scared of tripping on my gown or falling down, good thing no one tripped (Y). So when we went to our seats after receiving the diploma, but I had to go to band and play.. we played Night Like This, Fireworks, Born This Way, Yeah x3 and Friend's theme song: I'll Be There For You. After playing they announced the subject awards, the first one was for the Arts.. and I hear my name o - o lol we just finished playing and I was like crap... gotta walk all the way to the stage and I was wearing pretty high heels so I was walking slower than usual @ - @ But I was happy to get that :D [last picture, holding it proud] being the only grade 12 student who has taken 10 art courses throughout high school (Y) and is going into Fashion as a Post- Secondary. And after 3 and a half hours of sitting, the ceremony ended around 9:30pm. I went home and rested lol my feet hurt a lot from walking in those the whole night.

Ok as for today, Happy Canada Day!! Spent the morning practicing driving and then got home and BBQ-d with the family, later on we're going to watch fireworks ^^ fun day so far, but I have a headache... don't know how I got it T - T hurting..

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