Aug 30, 2011

it's almost over

Omg *drools* I am so hungry right now. ^ Sushi in Hong Kong

So school starts in about a week and to be honest I don't want summer to end, I mean my summer vacation was so much fun and unforgettable but school is coming way too fast. I know that a lot of my friend's are moving away for school and some are just downtown but I'm going to miss the whole high school atmosphere. 

Lately I've just been reading manga [nerdy.. I know], hanging out with friend's as much as possible and well preparing for school. Orientation is this Wednesday then I got a mandatory assessment test on Thursday for school, oh man.. reviewing math is not fun. And what else, yeah I'm just going to miss high school. But the one thing that I know I won't is the uniform, it'll be nice getting to wear whatever I want for college. It's just the having to choose what to wear every morning is going to be a hassle D: 

Another adventure in life...

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  1. nomnomnommmmmm! Sushi in HK are the BOMB. Good luck with the new school yr :]


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