Aug 23, 2011

nothing like it

Omg it's good to be home, been home since Saturday. This vacation has been the first without my parents and longest.. I think haha. But honestly it was a lot of fun and I wish to visit again next summer. I went with my brother and sister and we stayed with out aunt. She is so much fun and cool; there were so many memorable and funny moments with her. So in that vacation we've visited Macau, Beijing, Korea and of course Hong Kong. I loved every part of it.. well maybe except for the hot hot sun, though I did get a slight tan from the sun exposure. The vacation has been such an amazing experience for me and it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for my parents, I can't thank them and my aunt enough for this trip :) Now I'm back to my regular schedule.. waiting for school to start and begin my journey to the world of fashion.

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