Sep 28, 2011

black & white, with a splash of colour

Typical Wednesday, of course it had to rain... again and was carrying heavy bags once again. Oh my. And those are some of the textbooks I have bought, some are borrowed from the library and some of them are my own. Lots of money right there :P and the first picture is my Pattern Making classroom, it's a pretty big room and I like working in there. School is going well and nothing to complain about... yet, well I at least hope not. And omg my phone is not functioning properly, I have facebook on my homepage but it doesn't show up, same with my music.... I've already restarted it couple of times and no response. Also when I connect the USB to my laptop it doesn't even show up... it honestly takes forever and I end up not transferring anything @  -  @ I might take a break from using my phone, maybe for like a week or something. Aghhhh... oh yeah our yearbooks for high school went out today but I couldn't collect mine cause my last class for today ended pretty late but I saw my brother's and it looks pretty nice, and it's fully in colour.. unlike the other 3.. ok enough about today...

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