Sep 3, 2011

can't believe it

School is just 2 days away and I don't think I'm ready for it to start. the majority of my summer has been spent in Hong Kong and just a few weeks here in Canada. I mean I'm glad that I'm back but just can't believe that summer is over.

Anyways, I love the shirt in the first 2 pictures; I got it from Hong Kong.. "I need that" Lol my friend was like need what? He was just joking though :P Spent some time at Pmall with a friend the other day and just hung out, something that is so relaxing yet makes me feel like I'm old already haha. But I'm still 17 so I'm gonna make the best of it before I'm turn 18, which is in early October. Anyways yesterday we [family&I] went out for Korean food, it was intentionally suppose to be Kbbq but they had no 'all you can eat' on their menu, so we just ate Bimbimbap and noodles lol ooh and a lot of shrimp tempura. It was at this place called Sariwon, in Thornhill on Yonge St. I was really full in the end but tasted pretty good. 

Last picture is my gigantic sewing kit from school, it was really a hassle to organize. And they gave me a checklist to see if I had everything, I had to take everything out of the bag and check off what was there and not. It was somewhat difficult because I've never heard of some of the things, like a notch or a textile loupe [had to Google everything lol] I just hope I don't have to carry all that stuff on the first day.. so heavy and I've still yet to buy the rest of my textbooks D: Ahh whatever... but yay Labor day :D

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