Sep 10, 2011


It's one of those 2-in-1 posts again, first outfit was during the week for school. The bag I'm holding was one that my friend got for me when she went to Hong Kong last summer, first time using it though :) Also the weather here has been so moody lately, one second it's so freaking hot [25 degrees, but felt like 30] then next it's all cloudy about looks like it's about to rain. Ughh the weather should just stick to fall weather, though today was rather nice. Last 2 pictures are of today's outfit, went to a family party today. The colour of my shorts aren't that blue, they're more of a teal colour and same with my socks, but of course the camera can't tell the difference lol. Anyways school has been good so far, first assignment was to design 20 skirts... my face was like this o - o haha but I've finished 16 already so just 4 more to go (Y). And I've made a few friend's, something I was nervous about but not anymore. Well gotta hit up the art store tomorrow to buy some Copic markers and pencil crayons and lead.. oh my $  -  $ haha but Art in general is expensive, and that's the life I've chosen :D

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