Sep 6, 2011


A few days ago I went to the library to take out some books on fashion illustration. I looked through and decided to do some drawing, above are the final sketches of my drawings, and the first picture of every illustration is the original and the below is the copy or inspiration of what came out of it. Obviously my intention wasn't to recreate it exactly as drawn, but to see what can come out of an already existing illustration. The first 2 are by Laura Laine and the last one is done by Dilek Peker. My favourite would have to be the second illustration, it was the first one I drew out of the three and the most detailed. A few things were changed along the drawing process, such as the face & facial expression, the hair, the outfit etc. Other then the first drawing [which I tried to copy and failed] the original is just an inspiration for the final.

And oh my gosh, school is starting tomorrow... and the weather has suddenly gotten colder and it already feels like fall. Goodbye summer, till next year...

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