Oct 13, 2011

once a year

So about a week ago it was my 18th birthday... till now I forget that I turned 18 lol and these pictures are from my birthday so haven't gotten the chance to blog till now. I've been busy with school work and well I finished all my work for today so I'm free :D Anyways study week [aka reading week for others] is on the 24th and I know I'm going to be so busy with my homework, I know for the first few days I'll probably procrastinate but for sure I'll get my work done. 

I know it's only about a month and a half into school but I really like it, I know sometimes the work is tedious and I'll get pissed off/annoyed but I love it. I'll even stay after class and just work on it to finish instead of putting it off another day. And I love sitting on the floor in between aisles in the library, it's so relaxing and quiet. 

And the weather has been rainy throughout the week but during the Thanksgiving weekend it was sunny.. I actually wore shorts again...  

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