Dec 4, 2011


Next week is going to be one of the busiest weeks for me... excluding exam week of course D: so many things are due and presentations... I'm going to be stressing for sure. Anyway I think I've made a new record on something, I've been to Pmall 4 times this week.. Monday, Thursday, Friday and today. I didn't even notice until I was there today with my sister, I told her that and she was like "oh yeah, you have" haha but she didn't really want to go in the first place, but then I told her that this one store was selling scarves for $5.. next thing you know we're walking there :P And above's picture is the scarf I purchased, it's a yellow and teal checkered scarf.. and I noticed that I own a lot of blue scarves.. this just added to my collection. So my mom gave me money to buy some, here's the scenario:

sis: me and bet are going to pmall
me: they're selling scarves for $5 [not the only reason why I went lol]
mom: what? again?
me: yep
*mom goes downstairs, and comes back with $10*
me: aww thanks ma, do you want one?
mom: no it's ok

haha oh btw I go back and forth in speaking Canto with my mom, though she understands English [most of the times], but she speaks Canto with everyone in my family :D Anyway well I think that's it actually haha oh wait, my dad's coming back tomorrow from HK, super excited and happy [as you can tell in the last pic] Can't wait, he's arriving back here tomorrow night, which means when he leaves HK it'll be afternoon. Happy weekend :]

*edit: weird, I don't know why blogger is showing this font as Small.. it should be Normal..

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  1. Hi! Super excited for you to see your dad! I totally know how it feels because I live by myself in USA and my whole family's in the Philippines, which is HK's neighbor haha!The font is coming out normal by the way. So anyway, my boyfriend and I created a blog featuring couples around the globe. Hope you come by! ♥HIM AND HER PROJECT♥


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