Dec 13, 2011

just one more day

Forgive me, the first 3 pictures are blurry D:  

So all of last week I was drawing illustrations like crazy for this one presentation I had. My table was cluttered with markers and paper for about a week but I was able to finish (the night before) and above are just some pictures. Today I had my first college exam.. it was English, wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. All we had to was was write an essay comparing 2 readings, I finished it in an hour though we had another hour leftover but I just wanted to go home and eat. And this is today's OOTD, I just bought this blue and grey striped knit cardigan for only $10 (Y) Urban Planet is having a sale up till Christmas then of course a sale for boxing day. And the burgundy leggings are also new, $5.. yay for cheap finds aha.

I feel like Canada's winter isn't so winter-y or snowy.. it hasn't really begun to snow yet, I just want a white Christmas this year.. well I want a white Christmas every year :P also 1 more exam tomorrow then I'm done. We had to design and make a skirt, I'll take pics and post sometime this or next week. What else.. oh yeah so being my age and all I should have had some experience in working right? Well I've never had a job before and I really need one this break, I mean I'm off school for a month so I need to do something and a job would be the best idea.. too bad I can't find one :( argg

Ooh tomorrow is my friend Rachel's birthday, happy 18th birthday :] hope you have a great one this year. Mmm well guess that's it, 1 more to go ^^

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