Dec 5, 2011

mission [almost] accomplished

Oh man so when the doorbell rang yesterday, I literally dropped all my stuff and ran upstairs. Haha my cousins picked up my dad at the airport and they drove him home; so happy to see him again. He started unpacking his suitcases while throwing stuff [gifts] at us. I've wanted that envelope clutch for the longest time, but never got the chance to get it while I was in HK. My aunt asked if I still wanted it and I said yes please :) haha there was a large, medium and small size, I wanted a medium size and in brown. It came with 2 straps, a shoulder strap and a shorter one to hold as a clutch. I absolutely love it, I can't wait to use it ^^ Next is the Angry Bird, bird lol uhh my aunt and dad got that for free after purchasing something; I mean I'm not a huge fan of Angry Birds but it's cute in a strange way :P And the Japanese [I think it's Japanese] paper doll is soo cute, I already have one in blue but this one is for my sis, she 'misplaced' her doll. They also stayed in Singapore for 3 days, and we got t-shirts as souvenirs. I didn't know that their mascot was a Merlion, a hybrid between a mermaid and a lion, hah cool. My aunt also got a scarf for my sister and myself [her's was a leopard print], both from Maple, if anyone's heard of it.. it's pretty popular in HK (Y) And of course some snacks, lol blueberry ice cream Oreo cookies [soo good when refrigerated], a huge box of Lindor chocolates and this [not sure if it's German?] German chocolate. :) hah my aunt's coming to visit again in March/April, she said whatever you want from HK, just make a list ^^ lol I don't know what I want though. 

Aside from that, exams are next week D: and technically this week is my last week of classes, (Y) so happy that I [almost] made it through 1 semester. Ooh yeah took a picture of the month December on my school calendar, I love how they used sentences to make the word December, p.s I really do need to clean it out... I'm running out of room, nooo!

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  1. I love that envelope clutch! So cute! I've been looking for one like it.




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