Dec 14, 2011

now what?

Awesome :D so I'm finally finished with first semester, and above are the skirts I had to make for my clothing construction aka sewing class and my pattern making class. The first one is for pattern making, it's my own design and creation.. I called it a Faux Draped Skirt. Also we sew our garments in muslin, otherwise I would've chosen a nicer fabric and the standard size that we make garments in are a size 10 so when I tried it on (2nd last pic) it was quite big on me so that's why my hands are at my side. Didn't want it to slide off lol. And the gathered skirt with flare (3rd pic) was for my sewing class, also big on me.. my right hand is holding it together at the back ahah. It was really fun to make, though behind those smiles are thoughts of staying after classes to finish up and making a mess with tracing paper and muslin in my room. I think next semester we're focusing on dresses, this was focused on skirts as you can tell :P 

Today's outfit was kinda casual, grey loose fit sweatshirt, black leggings, and I'm wearing sneakers in this pic but I actually wore boots today.. they were dirty so I didn't want to bring them in my room. I feel like the weather's getting warmer.. or just not as cold as winter should feel like :S Anyway I noticed that for the past week I haven't worn anything but leggings and stockings.. I haven't worn jeans in a while, don't know why though. And I've been listening to the Wonder Girls' new album Wonder World this whole week, I love it so much and I have been youtubing anything to do with Big Bang.. I absolutely am in love with them.. *typical fangirl moment* lol

On another note, I'm going to my high school's Christmas concert tomorrow. It's been a while since I last visited and well I'm done exams so why not? :)
And before the concert which is at like 7, I'm probably gonna go to Pmall with my sis. 

Job hunting awaits me~

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