Dec 28, 2011

'tis the season

Hello world :D
Happy Holidays to everyone, and I cannot believe that New Year's is this Sunday D: 2012 came so fast and 2011 is almost over. But I gotta say that 2011 has been such a wonderful year for me, my loving family and my amazing friends who I cannot live without, you guys are the best ~love. I have had so much fun and random times with my friends and well I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. And I've gotten a lot closer with them too :] 

On Christmas I went to a family party at my cousin's house, it was so crazy and filled with tons of laughter. We played 6 intense games of bingo, which by the way I did not win any of them and my first lottery ticket which I won $10 on :P and I actually didn't do Boxing Day shopping this year... so surprised but if I did I'm sure my mom would've yelled at me since I have so much clothes. It's ok though, I like my wardrobe as it is atm. Ooh so my marks for the first semester was posted on Boxing Day, I didn't even realize till I saw my friend's fb status update on marks. I passed all of them yay ^^ now I really have to buckle down and work uber hard this semester. Mmm also I start school on the 9th which is about 2 weeks away from now, and my prof assigned homework for us to do... gotta start on that soon.


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