Jan 12, 2012

good finds

It snowed in the morning while I was walking to the bus stop, and when I was on the way home it rained D: the weather changes frequently here. Anyway on Monday I had an hour class and went to Curry's to buy some supplies for school, afterwards I went to Market Village and found these cardigans that were 2 for $5, omg how cheap is that? So of course I got 2, both of them oversized of course.. a green and white striped, and a red one (Y) I like them a lot and soo cheap haha. And I'm sure that most of the OOTD's are going to be faceless pictures, only because it's easier to take it with my phone then having to set up the tripod with my camera. But if I have a good amount of time to do it then it'll be a full picture of the outfit :] Anyway tomorrow's Friday the 13th :/

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