Jan 11, 2012

new beginnings

Last week on January 2nd, I decided to cut my bangs.. why? I don't know, I wanted something different and I haven't had straight bangs since I was a kid. I was regretting it while I snipping them off, but a week later [now] and they're sorta growing on me... haha play on words :P But I find that the straight bangs look better when I'm wearing a hat, it'll soon grow out and then become side bangs haha. My hair is taking quite some time to grow now; I cut my hair short in late June-ish and it hasn't grown much since then, I thought by now it'd at least be a little longer then shoulder length... oh well good things take time (Y) And today's OOTD is quite bright, a mustard coloured cardigan along with a matching beanie, which I love btw :] and a mint green floral vest. I made a list of resolutions that I plan to stick with and one of them was fixing my sleep schedule.. I use to sleep at 3am D: and now I try to sleep before 1.. on a good day it's before 12am :P 

Anyway I think that 2012 is going to be another good year for me, and hopefully for everyone else as well ^^

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