Feb 28, 2012

I forgot...


So as you can obviously tell, I've given my blog a makeover... it's been a while anyway and I kinda got bored of the old look; now it's more simple and less clustered. Anyway I updated my "blogs I follow" list and as I was going through my posts I noticed that I forgot my blog's birthday this year :( it was on January 24th and I've had this blog for 2 years now :) It's kinda funny because I did a post on the 23rd and me (having the worst memory ever) didn't remember that the day after was my blog's anniversary. Yeah so I wanted to make up for it and updated my blog... and all the pictures in this one post.. which I don't usually do :P 

Okay so let's begin, I haven't gone shopping in a while and when I did (last week) I did a lot... some of the clothes above are somewhat old but still new, and by that I mean I haven't worn them yet so they're technically still new (Y) Though the only thing I have been wearing a lot is the yellow colour block sweater, I absolutely love it and it's super warm. I got it at Urban Planet, and I was contemplating whether I should get it or not.. I almost didn't lol. I'll get to wear the others when the weather lightens up. So Spring has yet to hit Markham and I'm freezing my butt off; this week so far I have seen nothing but sun and that's a good thing but apparently it's going to snow again.. I do not understand the weather sometimes; it's weird. And I'm actually on my reading week.. or "study" week as others call it, and so far I've only done homework yesterday, and I have (quite) a lot to do.. I'm so screwed. Procrastination will really be the death of me and my sleep D:

Update on school: we've been dyeing fabrics in my textiles class for the past week and it's so much fun, though it's quite messy and my hands were all blue :P But I love all the different designs you can create using fabric manipulations and just stitching a couple of lines and pulling the threads in order to get the desired result. And a few weeks back we did marbling, which is the 4th and 5th picture from the end. I thought that was pretty cool as well.

What else... oh yeah so I've had my G1 license for about 2 years (I think) and I haven't gotten my G2 yet. So like any other teenager would do, I went to driving school. And that consisted of in class/car lessons; I've already finished the in class and still doing the in car. I can't wait till I get my G2.. and a car.. and a job where I can drive my new car to haha *sighs* oh well 

Happy (super) belated birthday w r a p p e d . u p;



  1. Hahaha you've had your G1 for three years, B. I really really like your flats and your clothes. We have to go shopping when I'm home for the summer ):

    1. lol has it really been 3 years? wow that's kinda sad actually haha
      and thank you, most of my wardrobe is from Urban Planet anyway :P
      we definitely have to go shopping when summer comes <3
      imy :]


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