Mar 4, 2012

and so it begins

Crap. So school starts this Tuesday... and I don't wanna go back. I feel like I'm in vacation mode already D: [not good] Bleh! Oh yeah and I've got a huge headache but I'm still gonna do this post.. because I love blogging ^^

Okay so today I did some shopping; needed to make the best of my [almost] last day of my reading/study week. I went to a lot of small outlet stores in Scarborough.. Kennedy and Lawrence [I believe so] They have about 4 stores all lined beside each other in this small plaza.. Bluenotes, Sirens, Ardene and Suzy Shier.. for sure I thought I'd get something from Sirens [similar to Urban Planet] but surprisingly I got 3 things from Suzy Shier (Y) I got this cute striped sweater. And 2 blazers; the black on has no closing which I don't mind and I love the braid trimming on the shoulders.. which you can kinda see in the picture lol and the last one is olive green; it kinda gives off that military look, plus I really liked the buttons on it. The blazers cost $15 and the sweater was $5.. I thought it was pretty cheap and so did my parents lol

Okay so I took some photos of myself haha my face hasn't been present on this blog for quite some time.. well even though I still hate my hair here it is :D

Anyway I altered one of my belts, I've been meaning to do it for a long time but never got to it. I'm wearing it in the 4 pictures above.. and I took off about 12 inches from the belt, now it fits nicely around my waist :]

Uhh what else.. oh yeah been drinking this a lot lately.. it tastes so good (Y)
'Kay that's it.. I better sleep soon so my headache goes away, and last lesson for driving tomorrow (Y) I hope I remember everything about parking :/ wish me luck :]

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