Mar 6, 2012

on repeat

Still a bit sick, but a lot better then yesterday (Y) I went a bit earlier to school today then I usually would on Tuesday's, and wore my new sweater. It's extremely comfortable and warm though one of my classes were really hot so of course I felt like I had a fever again. I just needed some air :/ and I bought my first Timmy's for this year, it's roll up the rim season and of course it's like really hard [impossible] to win a car or tv.. let alone another free coffee :P Though I don't drink coffee, I always get a french vanilla; it was too sweet today, usually it's just an okay amount of sweetness. Well either that or an ice cap (Y) Though I really wanna win a car haha maybe it's because I just finished my driving lessons and I'm gonna go get my G2 in May.. well let's hope I pass actually :] And I want the weekend to come D: I know it's only Tuesday but I really need more sleep, been feeling horrible the whole day [appearance wise] Ehh oh well, just need to survive the week.. omg I just remembered I have a project due next Tuesday.. great. 

I should start looking for a job as well, need to drop off my resume's at a whole bunch of stores (Y) Fun.

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