Mar 2, 2012

shoe crisis D:

Okay so I'm well aware of the fact that the pictures above and title totally don't correspond with each other but my mom made sushi and it just tastes amazing, and I want to share pictures.

Now back to shoes :D so I'm sure a lot of us ladies out there have knee high boots or calf high boots right? And who has that problem of them just flopping around because they're that high? Well I've been doing this quite some time now and I have found a solution to floppy boots [sounds funny lol]

Yeah I know, Pringles? Well they make a great support for those boots and they are quite sturdy, so you'll know they'll work. Just make sure they're empty before using it :P So obviously, clean the inside of the can and slide it into your boot.

It works really well.. I was actually really surprised it worked.. and why wouldn't it? Haha, but if you still want to keep the boot in a more better condition, take some tissue paper.. [they kind you wrap presents with] and roll it into a ball and stick it in the point of your boot, in other words where your toes are :P and that should keep your boots looking nice and in shape.

The next trick is to make those boots looking clean and shiny. So for most of the winter I've been wearing my lace up boots and they have gotten [really] dirty.. to the point where it looks like I've soaked my boots in mud... haha well not that bad but here's a picture: 

It kinda looks like what the back of a car would look like after driving on a muddy/dirty road. Yeah it looks horrible D: Okay so to solve this problem I usually just get a cloth and soak that in water and wipe my boots with them, which works just fine but I found something that works a lot better. So I have these scented [green tea] wet tissues that you can find in any drugstore.. though mine are from Hong Kong :P

Typically you'd use these to wipe your hands or for any other cleansing/personal hygienic reason, though on my boots they do the same. So I just used half of the tissue for both boots, and the other half for touch ups. Just wipe your boots with them, it's honestly that easy :]

Okay so this is not the best picture or quality, but you gotta admit it's a lot cleaner after using the wet tissues. And if your boots have hard-to-reach-places like mine, you can even use q-tips or cotton swabs and just run it under some water and clean. 

Last shoe tip is to help reduce the amount of space your shoes take up. Though many people probably have those shoe racks, I don't... well I do but it's in the main entrance and it's mainly for slippers. So I keep all my shoes in my room.. mainly my closet. And for those of us who buy shoes a lot [not me, though I wish] I'm going to estimate that maybe 50% of us don't keep the shoe boxes. I personally do, they help reduce the amount of space in my closet and well they're boxes.. they stack on top of each other. 

As you can see, there are about 8 pairs of shoes that are box-less.. mainly because the store didn't have shoe boxes or because they didn't give me the shoe box. Stores that usually have shoe boxes are the ones that specialize in shoes.. meaning they only sell shoes, sometimes they'll sell accessories and handbags as well. For example: Payless, Costa Blanca X, Town Shoes, Footlocker etc. Since I've kept most of my boxes I've been able to store about 3 pairs of shoes [mainly flats] in these boxes. 

Out of all the different types of shoes there are out there, I probably own more flats then anything else :P But my point is to keep your shoe boxes, they're neat and tidy and for one, they keep the dust out (Y)

Anyway I know this post is quite long but look, we've solved 3 shoe crisis'. Floppy boots, dirty boots and shoe boxes. I hope you has as much fun reading this as I did writing this :D spread the word guys!

TGIF everyone~

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  1. OMG sushiiiii )::::::::: I could go for some sushi or Korean bbq. Let's go show shopping. I need nude pumps.


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