Mar 16, 2012

things are brightening up

This week has been so hectic, I had a midterm today and honestly I'm pretty sure I failed it.. I even told my teacher that lol even though it's worth 5% it's kinda like a practice exam.. and if I failed this then how am I gonna possibly pass the exam? I know I overreact and over think about things sometimes but this scares me, like I'm doing perfectly fine in the class though I can't draft something on my own? It's sad and a bit pathetic.. ughh ~

Anyway the weather this week has been amazing :) sunny, a bit of wind and blue skies. And these OOTD's were taken on Tuesday.. been so busy that I had no time to do posts. Look how sunny it was :P haha. 

So I've got some illustrations done for homework:

 And I finally finished my dress, well not the final fitting.. this is just the draft or as I call it 'prototype.' There were a few things I had to fix, the shoulders were not fitting properly, I had to redraft the collar and the closure at the back should be longer:

And I went to Pmall after classes on Wednesday, apparently its their 16th anniversary yay :] and they're having some performances, and shows. I also took a picture of this cute polka dot sweatshirt with faux suspenders and a blue sweater that had a ripped look:

Anyway I really can't wait till school's over.. I need a job badly D: yay weekend

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  1. OMG Betty, if I give you the money, can you make me a dress? I R SO FAT ):


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