Mar 27, 2012

time is ticking

So like I said yesterday all these pictures are from last week; when the weather was A LOT warmer and I happened to take pictures of food. Haha well the first picture was taken in Pmall.. yeah I'm carrying food and bubble tea [not mine] I initially went to get Copic markers at Curry's and saw a friend there. So we hung out and shopped [she did] She got 2 dresses and they were a reasonable price, $15-$20. And the picture below that is me doing my pattern making on a carpeted floor haha not the best idea ever but I needed the space :P The fabric is for my dress, remember the 'prototype'? Well now it's being made with actual fabric.. almost done, can't wait! Also I keep seeing this poster on a lot of the bus shelters and in the subways:

Haha anyway here's all the food pictures:

Apparently it's going to be 19 degrees tomorrow, that's good right?

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