Mar 27, 2012

what a downer

I don't know how, but I'm sick again... I caught a cold and I'm sneezing every 5 minutes D: and to make things worse, it honestly feels like winter again but without the snow. Yuck I hate it, last week was just amazing.. I actually got to wear shorts and a skirt. Guess we gotta wait till Summer.. or at least mid April (Y) hopefully. Anyway I've been meaning to update with pictures [not SpongeBob.. though isn't it cool?] haha but yeah, I haven't gotten to upload any pictures from my phone to my laptop yet so maybe sometime next week. I took a lot of pictures of food lol and my mom made sushi again :P

Oh yeah and we're kinda sorta renovating out kitchen; new cabinets, fridge, sink, counter top.. y'know that stuff :P Well since the sink hasn't been installed yet, we've been washing the dishes in the washroom sink haha I thought it was hilarious. Our living room is also filled with cans and utensils.. since we had to empty out our old cabinets and drawers to make room for the new ones. 

Anyway did some job hunting today, hopefully I'll get a call D: if so, it'll be my first job... kinda lame to say but true as well. And about 4 more [though I wanna say 3] weeks of school left ^^ so excited and ooh my aunt, who I visited in the Summer in HK is coming to visit, OMG :D I cannot wait for her to come.. which is on Saturday actually!!

hah well I should probably sleep.. considering I have to wake up at 7:30, yikes I better wake up >    >

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